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Self Start Guide - Decisions, Custom Fields and Folders


The Decisions Tab allows you to rename and hide Decision options for your approvers. Note that this feature is only available with Select and Premium plans.


Here is a video that walks you through the process of managing custom Decisions.

More info here.


Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to capture additional data when creating a New proof, New user or a New guest. For example, when a proof is being created you may wish to include an additional section that will allow you to capture a Job Number, Department Code or Supplier Reference. Note that this feature is only available with Select and Premium Plans.

More info here.



You can build a folder structure to aid in finding and organizing proofs. There are multiple ways to create folders. One way is to click on the downward arrow section of the New Proof button and choosing New Folder. You may create folders and subfolders.


We recommend keeping subfolders to no more than four levels deep. Too many subfolders can cause confusion.


We recommend matching the existing folder structure on your servers. Your users will be familiar with it.


More info here.


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