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Analytics panel in your Dashboard allows you to track work progress and efficiencies of your teams. You can easily check how many proofs are created in your ProofHQ account and how many versions are in the sets of the completed proofs.

Analytics panel (1) can be accessed by all the users who have full access to all the proofs on your account (i.e. users with at least Supervisor's permissions). 

In this panel you can:
  • control the time span of the displayed data (2)
  • analyse the metrics changes (3) over time
  • check the details of a selected point in time by hovering over it
  • check the total number (4) of proofs created in your selected time span
  • check the average number (5) of versions included in the completed sets of proofs


Note: The feature is avaialble on the Premium plans only. If you'd like to know more please reach out to your Account Manager or get in touch with our Support team at support@proofhq.com
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