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Release 16.6 - 6 April 2016

In this sprint we've focused on the performance improvements, bug fixes, and on the new features development.
Web captures enhancements
Capture resolution
You can now define screen resolution for your web capture proofs. The tool will simulate a screen size of your choice - a handy feature to help proofing desktop and mobile web designs.
You can now automatically include the subpages in your submission. Choose the Look for subpages option and the tool will scan your page and suggest the further pages linked to your main URL.

Note: The tool captures only the links that are in the same domain/subdomain as your original link.
You can create separate proofs from these pages or, if you have one of our higher editions, you can combine them into a single multi-page proof.
Old API entry point and WSDL (https://www.proofhq.com/soap and https://www.proofhq.com/soap?wsdl) have been disabled on 11 April.

New API entry point: https://soap.proofhq.com/soap
New WSDL: https://soap.proofhq.com/soap?wsdl

Old Upload service URL has been disabled on 11 April (https://www.proofhq.com/upload.php)

New Upload service URL: https://soap.proofhq.com/upload.php

Make sure to update your integration code as from 11 April old links will not work.
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