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Light users

Light users are a great solution for the companies who want to give their reviewers access to the dashboard without giving them the permissions to view contacts or create and edit proofs. Unlike regular users, Light users don’t have and can’t be granted any edit rights on the proof.

Light users are only available on special edition plans, for more information please contact your Account Manager.

In this help article we will take a closer look at the specific permissions Light users have in the account and on proofs they are added to. For a quick cheat sheet on the Light user permissions, check out the permissions table in the last section of this help page.
Light users have their own login and password to your account and when they login, they see their own dashboard.

Light users can use the Proofs awaiting decision chart to manage their workload, this chart shows the proofs they need to make a decision on. The Proofs to manage chart will remain empty because Light users don’t have the ability to create or own proofs.

One of the great features of the Light user profile is the fact that they don’t have access to your Contacts list. This is a perfect solution in a situation where you’d like to give someone access to a dashboard, but you don’t want to share any account information with them.

In the sidebar a Light user will see the standard Views that they can use to filter the proofs in the account that were shared with them. If any Custom Views were shared with a Light user, they can see them and export them to a CSV.

If the Dropzone is active in the account, it will be visible to the Light user. They can submit proofs to the Dropzone, however are not able to manage them.

The list of folders Light users will see includes all public folders as well as private folders that were specifically shared with them. If tags were used on any of the proofs shared with the Light user, they will be able to see them in the tag list in the sidebar.

Light user, like any other user in ProofHQ has access to their own Personal settings, however their view is limited to the Settings and Integrations tabs. In Settings they can update their personal information and view the account information. The Integrations tab lets them connect their profile with their Basecamp account.

Light users have access to the Proof details page for every proof that was shared with them, however they don’t see the full details. They don’t have access to the Activity and Messages logs and are not able to edit any proof settings. Light users can view Custom Fields used on the proof but are not able to edit them.

For a list of proof permissions, please take a look at the section below.

Light users can view the File details page for any files that were shared with them and can download the file from that page.

Lights users can review and approve proofs same as any other reviewer in ProofHQ, they can be assigned the following proof roles:
  • Read Only - can view the proof and the comment list
  • Reviewer - can make comments but is not able to make a decision on the proof
  • Approver - can make a decision but is not able to make comments
  • Reviewer and Approver - can add comments and make a decision on the proof

Light users cannot be assigned the roles of Authors or Moderators or made owners of proofs.

Just like any other reviewer, Light users can attach files to comments, download the original file (if this setting is allowed on the proof), can generate the Print summary with a list of comments, markups and decisions made on the proof and export the proof to Excel. They are not able to set Actions on comments, lock comment threads or resolve comments.

 View the Dashboard
 Use the Proofs to review chart
 Use the Proofs to manage chart

 Use Standard Views
 View Custom Views that were shared with them
 Export Custom Views that were shared with them to a CSV file
 Create or edit Custom Views

 View public folders
 View private folders that were shared with them
 Create or edit folders

 View tags that were used on proofs and files shared with them
 Create or edit tags
 Add tags to proofs and files

 View the Dropzone
 Submit proofs to the Dropzone
 Manage Dropzone proofs

 View the Proof details page
 View the proof settings
 Edit the proof settings
 View Custom Fields used on the proof
 Edit Custom Fields used on the proof
 Download the original file
 Request a Print summary
 Export the proof to an Excel file
 View the Activity and Messages logs

 Add comments
 Add markups
 Use the compare tool
 Delete their own comment if no reply was posted*
 Edit their own comment if no reply was posted
 Make decisions (depending on the proof role)
 Be assigned the proof role of Read Only, Reviewer, Approver or Reviewer and Approver
 Be assigned the proof role of Author or Moderator
 Delete other reviewers’ comments
 Edit other reviewers’ comments
 Use @ mentions
 Use Actions on comments
 Resolve comments
 Lock comments
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