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Adding a proof to your NetSuite project

After you set up your NetSuite integration you can start adding proofs to the projects within your NetSuite account. Reviewers on the proof will then have their own NetSuite tasks created and they will be able to comment and make decisions on the proofs from within their NetSuite account.

See Reviewing a proof in NetSuite

To your NetSuite projects you can connect: As a proof creator, you will want to make sure that your NetSuite integration is active and that you have the relevant NetSuite account chosen in your Personal settings. If you want to add the proofs to a new NetSuite project you will want to create this project in your NetSuite account first.


Your NetSuite projects should have:
  • The same Subsidiary as the logged user
  • Status set to In Progress, Pending or Won
  • Any resources added for project task assignment.

Please note: Projects with no resources and with option to "display all resources for project task assignment" disabled will not be displayed on the projects' list in ProofHQ.


People who can be added to the proofs via the NetSuite integration are diplayed as per the projects resources. The resources can be:

  • added directly in the Resources tab, or
  • enabled via the "Display all resources for project task assignment" option in the Preferences tab*
*With this option selected you will be able to share the proofs with your employees and vendors even if they are not added to the project directly.

Please note: Only active employees and vendors, who have the same Subsidiary as the logged user and who have valid email addresses will be included in such a Project list. In addition:
  • Employees need to have the "Project resource" setting checked in the Human Resources tab
  • Vendors need to have the "Project resource" setting checked in Human Resources tab

In the sections below you'll find the detailed steps on how to connect a proof to a NetSuite project.

See also Reviewing a proof in Netsuite.

To add a new proof to your NetSuite project:
  • Go to the New proof page (1)
  • Upload your file(s) (2)
  • If you would like to notify your reviewers by email ensure this option is enabled (3)
  • In the Organize section, click "Add your proof to a NetSuite project". This will open NetSuite options pop-up. (4)
In the Add to NetSuite pop-up choose your project and collaborators (see the section below for the detailed steps).

Once the reviewers are added to your New proof form, proceed with your proof submission as usual.

You can edit the assigned roles and email alerts in the form by selecting the options from the drop-down menus. You can also define the proofing defaults for each of the reviewers in advance - via their Contact details pages, so the default settings of your choice would be populated automatically.

Once the proof is ready a NetSuite task is created for each of the NetSuite reviewers(1). Each task (2) can be accessed directly from the Proof details page.
In the More sharing options section you can find a link to edit your NetSuite Project connection (3) and a direct link to the NetSuite project (4). 
You can connect an existing proof with your NetSuite project. To do this:
  • Go to the Proof details page (1)
  • Scroll down to the Workflow section and open More sharing options (2)
  • Make sure Proof URL and Embed code are set to "Enable" (3)
  • Check the Add to NetSuite option (4). This will open the NetSuite connector pop-up. 
In the Add to NetSuite pop-up choose your project and collaborators (see the section below for the detailed steps). Set the Task completion dates and if your proof has the Automated Workflow applied - assign your NetSuite reviewers to the proof stages.

Once you connect the proof to your NetSuite project the reviewers will be added in the Workflow section (1) and each person will have their own NetSuite task created. You can access the tasks directly from the Actions menu to the right of each connected reviewer (2).

In the More sharing options section a link (3) to edit your connection, and a direct link to the NetSuite project (4) will be added. 

Please note: Some of your NetSuite resources may already be added to your existing proofs. You can still connect such proofs to your NetSuite projects and select these existing resources in the Add to NetSuite pop-up to create the NetSuite tasks. 
Add to NetSuite pop-up helps you create the ProofHQ NetSuite connection for your proofs. If the integration is configured on your ProofHQ account the pop-up can be opened:
  • via the New Proof page
  • via the existing Proof Details page in the More sharing options section:
    • by checking the Add to NetSuite box
    • by clicking the "here" link (to edit the configuration, if the proof is already connected)

In the Add to NetSuite pop-up:
  • Choose your NetSuite project from the drop-down (5)
  • Check the tick boxes for the reviewers in your NetSuite project that you want to add to the proof.
  • Set the default task completion date (7) for all the selected people or modify each date separately (8).
  • Click "Add to NetSuite" (9) to save the and close the pop-up.
Please note: Task completion date is a setting for the NetSuite tasks and this is not equal to the proof Deadlines.

If you're adding an Automated Workflow proof to your NetSuite project you can assign your NetSuite reviewers to the particular stages. Similarly to the Task completion date setting there can be a default stage selected (10) and each reviewer can have a stage assigned separately (11).
Your selected NetSuite reviewers will be added to the New proof form using their email addresses registered in NetSuite and the NetSuite label will be displayed next to their names on hover (12).
Please note: Once the proof is added to a NetSuite project the connection cannot be removed. However, you can edit the configuration and modify the connected collaborators.

Adding new resources/creating new tasks

If your proof is already added to NetSuite:
  • Open the Proof Details page
  • Expand the More sharing options section
  • Click the "here" link to open the Add to NetSuite pop-up
  • Select the additional resources (all the NetSuite resources that are already connected to the proof will have their check-boxes ticked)
  • Set the Task completion dates, and the Stages (if it's an Automated Workflow proof) for the new resources
  • Apply your changes by clicking the "Update" button in the pop-up

Your new resources will be added to the proof and the new NetSuite tasks will be automatically created.

Removing resources/tasks

To remove a NetSuite resource from a proof you can:

  • Remove a reviewer from the proof:
    • Open the Proof Details page
    • Open the Actions menu to the right of the selected reviewer
    • Click the Remove option from the list
    • Confirm your action in the pop-up
  • Remove a resource via the Add to NetSuite pop-up:
    • Open the Proof Details page
    • Expand the More sharing options area
    • Click on the "here" link in the NetSuite integration section to open the Add to NetSuite pop-up
    • Un-check the selected resources
    • Click "Update" to apply the changes

This will remove a reviewer from the proof and it will also delete the relevant NetSuite task in the connected project.

Please note: Removing a task from NetSuite will not remove the assigned reviewer and their task link from a connected proof.

Changing a NetSuite project

Please note: A single proof can be connected only to one NetSuite project at a time.

If you want to change a NetSuite project:

  • Open the Proof Details page
  • Expand the More sharing options area
  • Click on the "here" link in the NetSuite integration section to open the Add to NetSuite pop-up
  • Select a different project from the pop-up
  • Review the selected resources and modify the selected people as per your choice.

Saving the changes will create the new NetSuite tasks for the selected people - in the relevant NetSuite project. All the resources who are on the new project but were not selected in the NetSuite pop-up will be removed from the modified proof. 

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