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Haefele Software

 Haefele Software provides software development and consulting services in the United Kingdom and South Africa. Haefele Software has led a number of successful integrations with a variety of third party and bespoke applications. The aim of these projects has been to streamline business-to-business processes to reduce costs, data re-entry, inefficiencies, and human error.

Haefele Software has experience in building two-way integration components between ProofHQ and key business applications. An example of a recent integration project is between Tesco and ProofHQ.
This movie demonstrates integration developed by Haefele Software connecting Tesco's packaging workflow solution (Tescodesign.com) and ProofHQ.

Tescodesign.com supports Tesco’s product and packaging development process. It includes a product and asset library as well as number of workflow tools to manage the artwork, repro and print process.

As the volume of Tesco artwork has increased, the approval functionality available in Tescodesign.com became inefficient. The decision was made to integrate ProofHQ into Tescodesign.com to provide a more powerful platform for review, collaboration and approval of all packaging artwork. The goal was to achieve a seamless two-way integration between Tescodesign.com and ProofHQ. Artwork uploaded to Tescodesign.com is converted to a proof in ProofHQ and proof details, such as comments or decisions, are synchronized back to Tescodesign.com triggering workflow changes and maintaining the status of each project.
If you are interested in discussing your own integration projects with Haefele Software, please contact Alan Haefele at alan@haefelesoftware.com.
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