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New ProofHQ Viewer - Comments

Adding Comments

To add a comment:

  • Click on the Add comment button (1)
  • The Add comment window (2) will open in edit mode
  • Start typing your comment in the text area (3)
  • Add one or more markups (4) to the proof
  • Attach files (5), if needed
  • Click Save (6) to add your comment and mark-ups

Adding a comment 1

Please note:
  • When you open the Add comment box, you will notice that the cursor changes to the mark-up cursor (7). This is because most comments will be associated with mark-ups on the page (i.e., a box highlighting an area). However, you can make a comment without adding a mark-up.
  • You can add multiple mark-ups to a single comment.

Adding comments in right-to-left languages

You can now add comments and replies in right-to-left languages, like Arabic or Hebrew. This feature needs to be first enabled for the whole account in Account Settings by a user with Administrator permissions. Please take a look here for instructions.

When this feature in enabled in the account, you can easily change the direction of the comment text in the ProofHQ Viewer:

  • Click on the Add comment button (1)
  • In the comment box, click on the page break icon (2) to change the direction of the comment text
  • Type your comment in the comment box and save (3)
Please note: Right-to-left direction of the text will also be observed in print summaries and email notifications that contain comment text.

Opening Existing Comments

  • Open the comment by:
    • Opening the comments list and clicking on the comment (1)
    • Clicking on the pin on the proof image (2)
  • The Comment window will open and any mark-ups will be highlighted in the proof area (3)
  • Click the left/right arrows (4) to move to the previous/next comment
  • Click the Close icon (5) to close the comment and the mark-ups

Replying to existing comments

To reply to an existing comment:
  • Open a comment (see above)
  • Enter the text in the Reply box
  • Click the Save button to close your comment and markup(s)
Your Reply will be saved and will be visible to other reviewers almost immediately.

Please note: The current number of replies for a comment is noted next to the comment in the Sidebar.
Spellchecker available in the ProofHQ Viewer will underline all the words that may not be spelled correctly (1) in your active comment box.

Spellchecking dictionary is selected as per user's personal language settings. For the guest reviewers we will load a dictionary as per the proofs Owner language. To correct underlined words you can use our spellcheck suggestions. For this:
  • right-click on an underlined word to open the context menu
  • click on one of the suggestions (2) to apply update

Please note:some words may not be recognized by the spellcheck dictionary (e.g. specialised terminology, words in another language). Such words will be underlined but in the context menu "No suggestions for:" information will be displayed.

Disable spellcheck

By default spellcheck tool is enabled. You can disable it directly in the ProofHQ Viewer. For this:
  • open the sidebar
  • go to the Settings panel (3)
  • un-tick the Enable spellcheck option (4)

Mark-ups allow you to place drawings on the proof to explain clearly what you are describing in your comments. There are several mark-up tools available in the proof:


  • Rectangle (1) - draw a box shape
  • Freehand (2) - draw a freehand line
  • Line (3) - draw a straight line
  • Polyline (4) - draw a polyline shape
  • Arrow (5) - draw an arrow
  • Higlight (6) - highlight text or an area of the proof with a colour
  • Crop (7) - draw a mask shape
The additional tools are:
  • Colour (8) - set the colour of the currently selected drawing (this will also set the colour of your comment's pin after adding a markup) Color tool

Colour tool

  • Thickness (9) - set the thickness of the drawing line Thickness tool

Thickness tool

To add a new mark-up:
  • Click the Add comment button
  • Click on one of the Mark-up tools in the comments section (the box mark-up will be selected by default)
  • Add one or more mark-ups to the proof.
  • At the same time the New Comment window will open in edit mode and you can type a comment in the text area.
  • Click Save to save your comment and mark-up(s)
Please note: You can add more than one mark-up to a single comment. Once this is done, you can select multiple markups at the same time by holding the alt key and clicking on the relevant markups. You can then move all selected markups simultaneously.
The Text selection tool lets you easily review a text and mark desired changes on the proof.

We do extract text from the PDF, MS Office, PSD and AI files, if it's available, and it is by the file extension. When the text is extracted from your file you can see the Text selection (1) option enabled, and you can switch between text annotation and drawing tools.

Text selection lets you highlight and select text (2) on proofs. When you are reviewing a proof, the cursor will automatically change into the text cursor whenever it is over the proof area.

You can click to place the cursor at a specific point in the text, or click and drag to highlight an area of text. This will display the additional tools (3) and the selected text will be added in the comment box (4)
Text selection
If you select an area of text, you will have the following options to use:

Text annotations
  • Highlight (5)
  • Delete (6)
  • Replace (7)
  • Insert after (8)
The words [DELETE], [INSERT] or [REPLACE WITH] will respectively be added in the comment box.

If you place the cursor in a single location in the text, you will have the option to use the Insert text annotation shortcut. This will place the word [INSERT] in the comment box to indicate that you want to add additional text at that point. In addition, an Insert markup will appear at that position in the text.

Please note: In order for Text selection tool to recognize the text in your proofs, the original file must be saved with text. For instance, if your PDF file is saved as all images and not images+text, the text text will not be recognized, and the Text seletion tool will be grayed out.
When viewing a proof in the Proof Viewer, you can filter and sort the comments using the options available in the filtering bar. To open the filtering bar click the Filter comments icon (1)

  • By Page or by Date and time (2) in ascending or descending order


  • By People (3)
  • By Actions (4)
  • By Pages (All or Current page only) (5)

Comments filtering

Please note:Closing the filtering bar (6) removes all the comments filters and sorting settings.
You can attach a file to a comment, for example if you're referencing an image which you would like to be used in place of the existing one.

To attach a comment:
  • Click the Add comment button
  • Click Attach a file (1)
  • Select the file that you'd like to attach from your computer
Please note: File size for attachments to comments is limited to 100MB. All attachments added to the proofs on your account count towards your total storage limit.

Attach a file
To lock your comment:
  • Make your comment
  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to Save
  • Select Save and lock comment from the menu
Your comment will then lock - it won't be possible to reply to that comment.

To unlock a locked comment, simply click on the padlock icon visible in the bottom left corner of the comment box.
If you're e.g. a designer or a project manager and you're making amends on your designs as per your collaborators comments you can manage your work easier by marking some comments as resolved, e.g. when the required changes have been applied or the discussion on the comment thread had ended.

Please note: this feature is available on Select and Premium plans only.

To resolve a comment:
  • Click on a comment that you want to resolve
  • Click the tick icon (1) visible at the bottom of a comment box

Please note: Only the users who have edit rights on the proofs as per their role or profile permissions can resolve the comments.

When a comment is marked as resolved:
  • Reply entry (2) is added to the thread
  • Green tick icon (3) appears in the comment's header
  • All the collaborators are notified about this action (reply) as per their Email alert settings.

For the better view of the comments that still require action you can choose to hide the resolved comments (4) using the filtering bar.

If you need more advanced options of marking the comments, e.g. distribute to the particular teams or divide into a few categories check out our Actions on comments feature.

Unresolving comments

Onca a comment is resolved the other collaborators can't make any further replies on this thread. In order to continue adding further replies the comment needs to be unresolved. This can be done by any user who has edit rights on the proofs.

To resolve a comment:
  • Click on the comment you want to activate back
  • Click on the Reopen the comment icon (5)
  • Delete the last "Comment resolved" entry (6) on the thread
The thread will become unresolved again.

Alternatively, you can add a new response on a thread - it will automatically unresolve the comment.

Please note: If a reviewer does not have edit rights on a particular proof they won't be able to unresolve comments with their replies and these replies will not be saved.
You can improve your communication during the review process by directing people to a specific comment on a proof.

Please note: This feature is available on our Select and Premium plans.

To mention a person, in the comment box:
  • Type @ symbol followed by the reviewer's name - as you type you will see the dropdown list with the names that you can choose from
  • Click on the name of a person that you want to notify
  • Save your comment
In a single comment you can mention multiple reviewers, but only people added to the proof can be selected.

Once you save the comment an email notification is sent to the mentioned reviewer.
Please note:
  • @Mentions override the email alert settings and the message is sent even if the recipient has the "Disabled" or "Decisions" option selected on the proof.
  • If a person has Daily or Hourly summary selected the @Mention notification will be sent separately and information about mention will be included in the summary email.
  • If a person has All Activity or Replies to my comments alerts selected the @Mention notifications will replace the notifications about these comments/replies.
To close the dropdown without selecting a person click Esc key, type space after the @ symbol or click anywhere outside the list. 

Editing a comment

To edit an existing comment:
  • Open a comment (see above)
  • Click on the Edit icon (1) in the Comment window
  • The Comment window will open in edit mode
  • Edit your comment in the text area
  • Edit or add one or more mark-ups to the proof
  • Click Save to save your comment and mark-ups
Your edited comments and mark-ups will be saved and will be visible to other reviewers in real time.

Please note:
  • Once a reply has been made to a comment, it can no longer be edited. This is to maintain the integrity of the comment thread.
  • You can only edit your own comments (you cannot edit other reviewer's comments), unless you have the right permissions
  • Proof Owners, Creators and the users with at least Supervisor's profile permissions can edit the comments of the other users, if there is no response.
Edit and Delete Comments

Deleting a comment

To delete an existing comment:
  • Open a comment (see above)
  • Click on the Delete icon (2) in the Comment window
  • The comment will be deleted together with any replies and mark-ups related to it

To delete an existing reply:
  • Open a comment (see above)
  • Click on the Delete icon (3) in the reply
  • The reply will be deleted
Delete a reply

Once you have deleted the comment:
  • There will no longer be a pin attached to the proof in respect of this comment
  • The comment will appear grayed out in the side bar
  • The comment will not appear in the comments summary
  • There will be an entry in the proof activity section showing that a comment was deleted

Deleted comment

Please note:
  • Any reviewer can delete a comment that they have made themselves, but only if no reply has been posted to it.
  • You must have edit rights to delete any comment thread
    • Proof creators, Owners, Authors and Moderators can delete any comment or reply (See Roles on a proofs)
    • Administrators and Supervisors can delete any comment or reply (See Profiles & Permissions)
When comments are added or deleted an entry will be shown in the Proofs and media logs in the Activity page. It will also be shown in the Activity section of the Proof Details page (1) and Proof Viewer.

Information about comments will also be included in your email alerts for the proof. The email will include all the new comments and all the comments that have been deleted.

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