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Box folder sync with ProofHQ

Synchronizing a Box folder with a folder in ProofHQ makes creating proofs and versions even easier!

Every change you make to your files in the Box folder will be reflected in ProofHQ (so uploading a new file, adding a new version, renaming of a file, etc).

Please note:
  • Only users with profiles of Managers or higher are able to sync folders.
  • The Box user who uploads the file to a folder synced with ProofHQ, will be made the owner of the proof created in ProofHQ (if they are a user within the same ProofHQ account). If the Box user is a user in a different ProofHQ account or doesn't have an account with ProofHQ, the person who created the sync between the folders will become the owner of the proof.

To synchronize a Box folder with a folder in ProofHQ, please follow the below steps:
  • In your Box account, go to your All Files and Folders page
  • Click on the More options menu next to the folder you want to sync with ProofHQ (1)
  • Select More Actions (2)
  • Click Sync with ProofHQ (3)

  • If you are logged into ProofHQ* a pop up with a list of existing ProofHQ folders will come up
  • Simply click on a folder name to sync an existing ProofHQ folder with the folder in Box (4)
  • Click on New folder to create a brand new folder in ProofHQ (5)

  • If you chose to create a new folder, you will be asked to fill out the details of the new folder

Please note: You can also sync the Box folder from the Folder options menu

* If you are not logged in to ProofHQ, a pop-up will appear showing your login page - enter your login credentials to access your ProofHQ account. You'll be taken directly to the New proof page with the file already uploaded.

Please note:
  • If you have your own branded ProofHQ login page you will be taken to that page instead of the standard ProofHQ login page.
  • If you have enabled the Single Sign-On functionality in your ProofHQ account you will be taken to the SSO login page and asked to enter your Single Sing-On login credentials - but only IF you're are using the same email address for your Box account and ProofHQ.
  • If you are not using the same email address for both your Box account and your ProofHQ account, you will always be taken to the standard ProofHQ login page.
The Folder details page of the folder you synced with a folder in Box not only contains information about the folder but also lets you pause and disable the sync.

If you pause the sync, the folder will no longer be updated with the changes from Box but the sync can be resumed at any time. Disabling the sync means that the connection between the folders is broken and the sync would need to be re-established from the Box account.

The Folder details page contains the following information and functions in relation to your folder in Box:
  • Pause syncing - the ProofHQ folder will no longer be updated with the changes from Box - sync can be resumed at any time (1)
  • Disable folder sync - connection between folders is lost and the sync will have to be setup again from the Box account (2)
  • Go to Box folder - if you shared the folder URL (in the Box folder options), this option will become available and will take you straight to the Box folder (3)
  • Folder sync details - this section contains information about the Box folder (4)
  • Box folder link - URL to the Box folder (5)
  • Activity - this section shows you the activity logs of the ProofHQ folder, here you can check who started the folder sync (6)
Please note: Only the user who started the folder sync can disable or pause it. For more information on everything shown on the Folder details page, please see our dedicated help page.

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