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Additional security of your proofs

One of the great things about ProofHQ is that anybody can review a proof, you don't need to have your own ProofHQ to do so. Recipients receive an email with a Personal URL that takes them straight to the proof page, without them having to log into ProofHQ.

However, if you require higher levels of security for your review and approval process, you can use the Login required setting. This forces the recipient to enter their email and password before they can access the proof. This means that only ProofHQ users - colleagues or members - can be added to the proof.

Please note:
  • In order for somebody to sign in to the proof (when Login required has been enabled), they must have been added to the proof.
  • If Login required is enabled, Subscriptions cannot be enabled.
Please also see Proof settings for other options available for your proofs.
By default, reviewers are able to download the original file from which the proof was created. If you disable this setting then reviewers on the proof will not be able to download the original file.

Please note: You can set your preference for this setting as a Proofing default in your Personal settings.

The settings saved in your Personal settings are applied to all proofs created by you but can be overridden on the New proof page and Proof details page.
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