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The Late proof email

Late proof emails are automatically sent out to reviewers when the proof reaches its deadline and not all reviews/decisions have been made.

These notifications cannot be customized.

The people who will be notified are:
  • The Owner (only when he has 'Email alert when proofs are late' checked in the Personal settings<<<Proofing defaults<<<Default email notification settings)
  • Any approvers who have not yet made their decision on the proof'

Please note: If the email notifications are disabled as a default in the Account settings no Late proof emails will be sent even if the reviewers and approvers have not yet submitted their comments and decisions. You can also disable Late proof emails in the Personal settings --> Proofing defaults tab.
Include your logo on your proof notifications

All email notifications can include your logo - please go to Branding for more details.

Share multiple proofs at the same time

If you need to share multiple proofs with the same reviewers and you don't want them to get multiple emails - upload them at the same time.

All of the reviewers on those proofs will receive one email detailing all the proofs and including a personal URL for each proof.

Please note: The Creator of those proofs will receive a separate Proof made email for each of the proofs created.

Ensure emails are not blocked by your reviewers email clients

If you or your reviewers didn't receive an email notification - please visit Avoiding spam filters.
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