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The Proof made email

This email is sent to the person who has created a proof (the Creator). If a person has created a proof AND made another person the Owner, then only the new Owner will also get the Proof made email.

The Creator and/or Owner will not get a New proof email too, they will only receive the Proof made email.

Please note: If the Creator / Owner of the proof has Proof made emails disabled by default (in their Personal settings - see below), they won't receive any Proof made or New proof emails even if the Notify people by email box is checked on the New proof page.

A Proof Made email includes:
  • Your personal message (if you chose to include one)
  • And the following proof details:
    • Proof name
    • Personal link to the proof
    • Version number
    • Thumbnail of the proof
    • Proof Progress
    • A link to Share the proof with someone else*
* This allows you to share the proof URL and/or the download link for the original file.

Please note: Sharing proof links does not allow you to explicitly add reviewers to the proof, you will only be sharing the public proof url, and the recipient will receive Read only access to the proof.

Please see Sharing proofs for more information.

If you don't want this link to appear on your recipient's email, you should disable the Public sharing settings on the proof (Download original file and Public url).

Please see Proof settings for more information.
Proof made emails can be disabled in Personal settings - by disabling the below setting (1)

Please go to Email alert settings for more detailed instructions.

Please note: If the email notifications are disabled as a default in the Account settings the Creator / Owner of the proof won't receive any Proof made or New proof emails even if this is enabled in theirPersonal settings and the Notify people by email box is checked on the New proof page.
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