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The Search bar is located at the top right of your screen.

  • Search box (1)
  • Auto-suggest drop down (2)
  • Search results (3)
  • Sort by column (4)
  • Filter results (5)
  • Number of items in search results (6)
  • Number of items shown per page (7)
You can use the search tool to search for the following items in your account:
  • Proofs (including archived proofs)
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Tags
  • Proof Subject
  • Proof Message
  • Custom fields
  • Creator name
  • You can also search for items that have been shared with you in the same way as you search for items you own or created.
To use the search tool:
  • Enter the keyword(s) into the search field (1)
  • The auto-suggest dropdown will appear with items containing the keyword(s) you’ve entered (2)
  • Select the item from the auto-suggest list to go straight to the item’s Details page, or click the search icon/hit Enter on your keyboard to be taken to the search results page (3)
The search tool will try to find an item which contains ALL the keywords you have entered into the search field.

Therefore, in order to minimise search results and maximise search accuracy, it is very important to ensure the following:
  • All the keywords are spelled correctly
  • Spaces have been included between all keywords
You can drill down further into your search results by adding more keywords into the search field. This will reduce the search results list and show only items that include all keywords entered into the search field.

The auto-suggest dropdown
The auto-suggest dropdown will display up to three matching tags, three proofs, three files and three folders.

Clicking on a proof, file or folder name in the auto-suggest section will open the details page for that item.

Selecting a tag will display all of the items which have that tag applied to them.

Tag search

Clicking on a tag in the sidebar (1) will search out all items with that tag - you will see the tag name appear in the search field (2). You can then refine your search by selecting additional tags or typing further keywords into the search field.

The tags in the sidebar will only show if they are used on the items in the search results. This means that you can very quickly drill down to find items using multiple tags.

You can remove a tag from the search field by clicking the x icon next to the tag name. Click the search icon or “Enter” on your keyboard to search again.

For more information on using tags, please see Tags.
The search results page will show you all the items in your account that contain the keyword(s) you entered in the search field. We index our search results every 10 seconds. Searches now take place on almost every field in ProofHQ.  

Search results are sorted by relevance.

If you are on the search results page and type more text into the search field, the additional search will only be carried out on the items already displayed in the search results.

If you enter the name of a previous proof version into the search field, the most recent version of that proof will be shown in the search results.

Parent folders and subfolders will be shown separately.
Tags will only be included in the search results if they are currently in use in your account, i.e. they have been applied to an item. Tags that have not been applied to any items will not be included (as with the Sidebar).

Filter search results

You can filter your search results by Type, Name and Owner.

To do this:
  • Type: Select the type from the dropdown menu available at the top of the column
  • Name: Type the name of the item into the Name field
  • Owner: Select the name from the dropdown menu available at the top of the column

Sort search results

You can sort your search results by clicking on the column name to sort in ascending or descending order.

For example, if you sort by Type in ascending order, items will be listed as follows:
  • Proofs
  • Files
  • Folders
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