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The Dashboard

Your dashboard is the first page you'll see when you log in to your ProofHQ account.

The dashboard summarizes the activity in your ProofHQ account as well as giving you quick links to other sections and functions within your account.

The dashboard looks like this:

The dashboard contains the following:
  • Organisation logo (1)
  • Top Navigation (2)
  • Search (3)
  • Header menu (4)
  • New Menu (5)
  • Sidebar (6)
  • Welcome section (7)
  • Overview (8)
  • Recently accessed items (9)
  • Recent activity (10)
Please note: The menus and links you are able to see and use on your Dashboard will depend on your profile.

Organization logo and customization
You can brand your account to show your own organization's logo, colors, custom links and more!

Please see Branding for details.

If you don't choose to brand your account, the ProofHQ logo (1) and standard colors will appear.

Header menu

The user name
The user name (2) you've chosen will appear here. It can be changed in Personal settings.

Here (3) you can access your:
Please note: that the visibility of the above menus depends on your profile. Please see User profiles and permissions for more information.

Here (4) you can access our: Please note: on our Select and Premium plans you can configure the Help options to point your users to your own content. Please see our Advanced branding options for more details.

Click here to Logout of your account.
Please also see Logging in and out.


You can use this tool to search for items in your account.
Please also see Search.

The new menu
To open the New menu click the dropdown arrow (7). 

The New menu has the following options:
The Dashboard menu contains the following menus: Edit tags, Move to, More actions, Delete

Edit tags

The Edit tags menu (1) lets you:
  • Apply a tag to an item or items
  • Create new tags
  • Manage tags (2)

Also see Tags.

Move to

This function lets you move proofs and files to one of your folders. To do this:
  • Select the tick box for the relevant item(s)
  • Click Move to (3) and choose the relevant folder (4)
  • Click Save (5)

More actions

In the More actions menu (6) you can perform the following actions:
  • Lock (proofs only)
  • Activate
  • Archive (proofs only)
  • Unarchive (proofs only)
  • Change owner

You can delete items by selecting the tick box to the left of the item(s) and clicking Delete(7).

You will then be shown a confirmation screen - check the details and confirm by clicking Yes (8)

The sidebar has links to the following pages:

The Sidebar is described in more detail on the Sidebar help page.
The Welcome section has the following useful links:
In this section you'll find the quick links to:
  • Create a new proof
  • Upload a file
  • Create a new folder
  • Add a new user
  • Change your password

The overview section also displays pre-filtered information. These are:
  • Proofs to manage - total number of active proofs owned by you and delegated to you
  • Proofs awaiting decision - total number of active proofs that require your decisions
Here you can see right away how many proofs require immediate action from you or from your reviewers:

  • Total
  • On time - proofs that have no deadline or there is more than 24 hours until the deadline
  • At risk - proofs with the deadline less than 24 hours
  • Late - proofs with not all actions completed and passed deadline
Please note: The charts values are clickable - you can easily navigate to the detailed list of the items.

The Recently accessed items section shows you the items that have been recently accessed by you. This includes the items you own, the items you have permissions to see as per your profile permissions and the items that were shared with you.

This section will include only the items that you yourself have opened (either via the ProofHQ Viewer or via the Proof details page)

The Recently accessed items section shows you the following information about recent proofs and files:
  • Name
  • Progress
  • Status
  • Decision
  • Owner
  • Summary (this information will be collapsed by default - click the expand/collapse button to the left of the relevant proof to open the proof summary)
  • Actions menu
See Page layouts for the different layout options available for this section.

Please note: Clicking on the proof name in Recently accessed items section will take you straight to the proof in the Proof Viewer.

To access the Proof details page:
  • Click on the Actions menu (1) available to the right of the proof name
  • Select View proof details (2) from the menu

This section shows you the following details about recent activity in your account:
  • Date and time
  • Proof/File name
  • Action
  • Details
You can also go to an item's Details page by clicking opening the item's Actions menu and choosing to View details.

To see more information about activity in your account, see Activity audit trail.
Please note: Clicking on the name of the proof in the Recent Activity section will open the proof in the Proof Viewer

To go to the Proof details page of that proof:
  • Click on the Actions menu (1)
  • Select View proof details (2) from the dropdown menu

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