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Proof Approvers can make a decision on the proof by clicking on the Decision button.

Proof roles which require the person to make a Decision on a proof are:

Standard Decision options are:
  • Pending - a decision is still required
  • Changes Required - you have requested changes to the proof
  • Approved with Changes - you have requested changes to the proof but don't need to see another version
  • Approved - you have approved the proof
  • Not Relevant - you do not think that you need to make a decision on this proof
You can also create Custom decisions options for reviewers to select when making a decision. Along with Custom decision options, you can set Reasons for the Decision.

For additional security of your proofs, you can enable Electronic Signatures in your account. Approvers will then be required to sign in again before a decision is saved on the proof.

Please also see Custom decisionsDecision reasons and Electronic Signatures.

Please note: Custom DecisionsDecision reasons and Electronic Signatures are available only on Select and Premium plans
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