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Creating proofs

There are a number of ways to create a new proof:
    • Click the green New Proof button (top left) (1)
    • Click the "New proof" link within the Quick start section of your Dashboard (2)

  • Use our Desktop Uploader (3)
  • Submit via Dropzone (Enterprise feature) (4)
  • The New proof page will appear (see below).
The New proof page has the following sections:
  • Upload (1)
  • Share (2)
  • Organise (3)
  • More settings (4)
On this page you can also submit a new proof as a new version of an existing proof (5).

Throughout the New proof page there are information icons which you can click to get further information.

Please note:Remember to click Save at the bottom of the New proof page. Once your proof has been saved, you'll be taken to the Proof details page.

In this section you can upload one or more files or capture one or more web pages. You can also delete items you no longer wish to upload.

To upload files:
  • Drag and drop your file(s) onto the blue box (1)
    • Please note that the drag and drop function will only be available with browsers that fully support HTML5, which excludes IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari among others (Safari 6 does not yet support all HTML5 features including our "Drag and drop".)
  • Click the Select files button and select the files you wish to upload (2)
To capture a webpage:
  • Enter a URL into the webcapture field (3)
  • You can capture multiple web pages at the same time by entering multiple URLs into the field. Ensure that a space is left between each URL.
  • Once you've entered your URL(s) click the green plus button (4)
You can name the proof you are about to create - simply enter this in the Proof name field (5) 

To delete all the files /web captures you have added, click the trash icon at the top of the Upload section (5). To delete a single item you have added, hover over the item's name and then click the trash icon which appears at the right hand side (6).

If multiple files or web captures are uploaded at the same time, a separate proof will be created for each. Reviewers will receive a single email containing their personal URL to each proof (the proof creator will receive individual emails for each proof created).

Multiple files can be combined into a single proof using the combine function (Enterprise only), see Combined proofs.

If you wish to upload folders as well as files or want the convenience of uploading straight from your desktop, you can use our Desktop Uploader.

Please note: Only individual proofs can be renamed on the New proof page. If you upload multiple proofs at the same time, you will need to change their names after they are created on the Proof details page.

In this section you can share the proof with people. The functions available are:
  • Change the owner of the proof to another user in your account (or a Partner account) (1)
  • Add people to the proof (2)
  • Choose the proof role for each reviewer (3)
  • Choose the email alert for each reviewer (4)
  • Set a deadline (5)
  • Enabled/disable the proof notification email for your reviewers (6).*
    If you choose to notify the reviewers, this will be logged in the Activity section of the Proof details page.
  • Add a custom Subject and Message to the optional email alert (7)
You can save a template Subject and Message within Proofing defaults in your Personal settings. If you have saved a template, it will appear automatically in the New proof page. Also see Deadlines.

* If the Creator / Owner of the proof has Proof made emails disabled by default (in their Personal settings), they won't receive any Proof made or New proof emails even if the Notify people by email box is checked on the New proof page.


In this section you can:
  • Add the proof to a folder (1)
  • View the folder share list by clicking the link next to the folder name (2), if the proof is being added to a shared folder
  • Create a new folder (3)
  • Apply one or more tags to the proof (4)
Please note that if you clicked on the New Proof button while being on the Folder details page, the Organize section will be automatically expanded to indicate that the new proof will be added to that folder (you can change the folder selection if required).

Please note: Billing Administrators  and Administrators can make the folder field mandatory across the whole account. This setting can be enabled in the Account settings - Settings tab

More settings

This section lets you:
  • Select your preferred Proof Settings (1)
    • Lock the proof when all decisions are made
    • Login required
    • Electronic Signatures (Enterprise Only)
    • Only one decision required
    • Select a Primary decision maker (2)
  • Allow or block (3)
    • Download of original file
    • Public sharing of the proof including public sharing settings Subscription
The selections made in this section will be shown in the Proof details page (where some fields can be edited). 

If multiple files are uploaded at the same time, a separate proof will be created for each file. Reviewers will receive a single email containing their personal URL to each proof. (The proof creator will receive individual emails for each proof created.)

Please note:
 To create a single multi-page proof, files must be combined into a single multi-page file before uploading to ProofHQ. If you are on an Enterprise plan, please see Combined proofs.
When you upload a multi-page file ProofHQ will automatically convert it into a multi-page proof that you can review by simply browsing the pages in the Proof Viewer using the navigation tools.

Typical multi-page file types are:
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Powepoint
  • Excel

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