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Adding new users

You can add new users to your ProofHQ account in four different ways: When you add a new user they will receive an email notification with their username (their email address) and a temporary password. The email contains a confirmation link which they need to click to activate their account. Once they're logged into their account, they can change their password at any time.

If they lose their email, account Administrators can manually activate their account or re-invite them in the Users tab within Account settings.

You must have administrator rights in the account to add new users. For information about user profiles please see User profiles and permissions.

Please note: We do not recommend adding third parties to your own account. You can create Satellite accounts for your collaborators.
To add a user via the New menu:
  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the New Proof button (1)
  • Select New user from the menu (2)
  • The New user pop-up will appear (see below)

To add a new user via Account settings:
  • Go to Account settings
  • Click the New user button (1)
  • The New user pop-up will appear (see below)

To add a new user via the Contacts page:
  • Go to the Contacts page
  • Click the New user button* (1)
  • The New user pop-up will appear

* The New user button is visible only to the users who have permissions to add new users to the account, i.e. Administrators and Billing Administrators
To convert a guest to a user:
  • Go to the Contacts page
  • Open your guest's Actions menu (1)
  • Choose Convert to user (2)
  • The New user pop-up will appear

On the New user pop-up you can enter information about the new user. The page consists of five sections:
  • Personal details (1) - in this section you can enter all the details about the user's ProofHQ profile
  • User details (2) - here you can enter the address and contact deatile of the new user
  • Default proof settings (3) - in this section you can choose default settings for user's proofs and his default proof role
  • Default email alerts (4) - in this section you can choose default email alerts for the user
  • Default message settings (5) - in this section you can create a custom message to be added to the email notification when this user creates a proof
Once you've populated the page, click the Save button to add the new user to your account. 

Adding a new user to your account will count towards your user limit.

If you add somebody to a proof only (i.e. you do not add them as a user in your account) they will have a Guest profile. This does NOT count towards your user limit. 
Therefore you can add as many people as you like to proofs as Guests without increasing the number of users in your account.
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