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Adding new guests

Anyone you add to a proof will automatically be added to your contacts list.
Contacts are shared in an organisation by default. So if you add a Guest your Colleagues will see that person in their contacts list as well.

You can add a new Guest via:
  • The New menu on the Dashboard:
    • Click on the New menu (1)
    • Choose New guest (2)
    • The New guest pop-up will appear
  • The Add new contact link in the Quick Start section of the Dashboard (3)

Please note:
If you have an Observer profile you will not have the option to add new contacts.
The New guest pop-up has the following sections:
  • Personal Details (1)
  • Settings* (2):
    • Default proof role
    • Default email alert
    • Autocomplete settings
  • Guest details (3) - further contact and address information
  • After populating the fields Save the changes (4)
 * You can choose the default proof role and email alerts for the new Guest. When this person is then added to a proof they will be given this role and alert by default, however these can be changed on the New proof page when adding them to the proof.

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