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Users, Members, Guests - types of contacts

The Contacts feature lets you organise and manage your contacts in ProofHQ.

To open your Contacts page click the Contacts link (1) in the sidebar.

Click the Views icon (2) to choose one of the available views (3):
  • View by contact
  • View by company
Please see Managing contacts for more information about the Contacts page.


Users are people in your own organisation that are users in your ProofHQ account.You can add a new user using the New user function.

Please see Adding new users for more information.
Members are people who have their own ProofHQ login but in another Organisation's account (not your own).

You cannot convert them to users in your account (as they are already users of another ProofHQ account).

Guests are people who do not have their own ProofHQ login but whose details you've added to your account (e.g. guest reviewers on proofs).

You can convert them to users on your own account (making them a Colleague).

Please see Adding new users.
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