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Choosing your payment method

We have the following payment options available:
Monthly subscriptions Annual subscriptions
by credit card by credit card
by bank transfer
We do not accept checks

You can easily change your next payment method and update your Credit Card details by clicking the Change payment details button (1) at the top of the page or by clicking the Next payment method field (2).

Please note: The payment method change won't be applied to your current subscription. If you'd like to change this for an invoice that has already been issued please get in touch with our Finance team at finance@proofhq.com

In the Change payment details pop-up:
  • Select your next payment method (3)
  • For the Credit Card payments enter your card details
  • Click Save (4)

If you want to Change your Credit Card details only - populate only the Credit card details (4) fields with your new card data and save (5) the changes. You can change your credit card details at any time and this new card will be used for all subscription payments effective immediately. 

We accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

Please note: You cannot change you payment method or add a Credit Card if a trial plan is set on your account. You'll be able to set these details when upgrading your account.

Please note that currently, if you have Satellite accounts you will need to update your credit card details and payment method separately for each account.

To do this:
  • Go to the Billing page in your Hub account
  • Open the accounts list dropdown menu (1)
  • Choose the satellite account (2) you'd like to update the credit card details for
  • Follow the steps described above
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