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The Settings tab has the following sections:
  • Personal details (1)
  • Usage statistics (2)
  • Account details (3)
  • User email aliases (4)
  • Profile changes log (5)

The Personal details section includes the following:

This is the name that will be displayed in the system and attributed to your comments and replies.

Primary Email
This is the primary email address used by the system.

 If you need to change your primary email address, see User email aliases below.

Permissions Profile
This is the profile set by your account Administrator. It determines the permission level you have within your account.

Please see Profiles and Permissions.

You can enter a Position here. This is useful for large Organisations.

You can select your language here.

Also see Supported languages.

(If you are interested in helping us translate ProofHQ into other languages, please contact us at support@proofhq.com.)

You can select your time zone here. This will affect notifications such as Deadlines for proofs.

Please also see Time zones

Date Format
You can select a date and time format here. An AM/PM time format is one of the available options on the list.

Opt in - Product and marketing emails
You can select whether or not you would like to receive product and marketing emails from ProofHQ.

This is your personal address.
Telephone Numbers
These are your personal phone numbers.
This section shows the following usage statistics for the account for the current billing period:
  • Storage used (1)
  • Proofs used (2)

This section shows the following details:
  • Organisation name (1)
  • Organisation address (2)
  • Organisation contact numbers (3)
These will be inherited from the details saved in Account settings (set by an Administrator).

You can set email aliases for your profile, meaning that proofs sent to those email addresses will appear in your Dashboard. To do this:
  • Click the New email address link (1) at the top of this section
  • Type in the new email address and click Save
  • You will receive a validation email with the subject "Confirm your email alias" at this email address - you will need to click the link in the email to validate it (clicking the link will take you to your Dashboard)
  • The new email address will be shown in this section with a status of "Alias email"
There is no limit to the number of email aliases you can add to your account.

To make the alias email address your primary email:
  • Click on the Actions menu (2)
  • Select Make primary email (3)
To resend the activation email:
  • Click on the Actions menu (2)
  • Select Resend activation message (4)
To delete the alias email:
  • Click on the Actions menu (2)
  • Select Delete from the dropdown (5)

This section shows you a list of the changes that you have made to your profile, e.g. Password has been changed.

Click the See complete list link (1) to go to the Profiles log in the Activity page in your account.

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