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Creating combined proofs

On our Select and Premium plans, you can combine multiple files into a single multi-page proof.

To do this, go to the New proof page and add the files you want to combine, then follow these steps:
  • Click the Combine files into a single proof link (1) (this option will appear only after more than one file has been uploaded)

  • Reorder your files by clicking and dragging them into the desired order. (2) (the order of the files will be the page order of your proof)
  • Enter the name for your new combined proof in the field provided. (3) (if you leave this field blank the proof will be named after the first file - this can be edited later on the Proof details page.)

  • To remove a single file from the New proof page, hover over the file and click the trash icon which will appear at the right hand side of the line. (4)
  • To delete all uploaded files at once, click the trash icon at the top of the Upload section. (5)

 Please note:
  • You can combine static files of different types
  • You cannot combine AV files (with static files or other AV files) The proof's thumbnail image will be taken from the first page of the proof (See Managing proofs)
  • You can check the names of files that were combined to create the proof on the Proof details page
  • If download of original files has been enabled on the proof, you will be able to download all the files which have been combined to create the proof, as a ZIP file.
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