We are upgrading your ProofHQ Support Experience. To Submit a new request navigate to Workfront Help System and sign in with your ProofHQ credentials then click Open a Ticket

Creating and managing support requests

Every ProofHQ user can create a support request using PHQ Help system and easily view and manage tickets raised with ProofHQ Support.

If you have contacted us even once, your email address had been already registered in the database but your account has not been created yet.

To create a PHQ Help system account, go to THIS page and click the Sign in button in the upper-right corner (1). You will see a pop-up box in which you can enter your credentials to log in (2) or you can choose the Sign up option (3). Also, if you've already emailed us you can choose Get a password option (4).

When you choose the Sign up option, the next pop-up will ask you for your full name and your email address. Next you need to confirm your address using the link in the verification email that you will get.

Get a password option will ask you for your email. After submitting it, you will get a message with the instructions to reset your password.

After logging in to the Help system, you can view the list of all your queries and technical issues reported by clicking My activities either in the top menu (5) or the drop down list (6) like presented here:

You can choose the view of your activities by selecting your own requests (7), requests you are CC'd on (8), or requests raised by the people on your account (9). The Following button takes you to your subsriptions (10). If the list is too long, you can also use the search bar (11).

Please note: If you are an Administrator on the account and you need to see all the issues raised by your Organisation, please contact Support and ask to adjust your PHQ Help system account, otherwise this option will not be available for you.

On this page you will also see the Submit a request button (12) which makes your communication with Support Team easier - just click this button and choose the request type and submit.

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